Call for Papers

Dear Educational Researchers,

The Sixteenth International Congress of Educational Research will take place at Sivas Cumhuriyet University from October 26-29, 2023. The theme of the 2023 Congress is "Education for the Future: Research, Innovation and Transformation". The congress will be organized with the contributions of Ministry of Education, European Educational Research Association, World Education Research Association, International Association of Educators and International Association of Qualitative Research.

The Sixteenth International Congress of Educational Research will include the studies carried out within the frame of the following programs:

- Educational Administration
- Educational Policy Studies
- Curriculum and Instruction
- Instructional Technologies
- Science Education
- Mathematics Education
- Elementary Education
- Fine Arts Education
- Early Childhood Education
- Special Education
- Teacher Education
- Counseling Psychology
- Social Studies Education
- Physical Training and Sports Education
- Technical and Vocational Education
- Foreign Languages Education
- EU Education Programs
- Turkic Countries Educational Programs
- History of Education
- Turkish Education
- Educational Psychology
- Educational Measurement and Evaluation
- Higher Education
- Religious Education
- Philosophy of Education
- Public Education and Life Long Learning
- Democracy and Human Rights Education
- Health Education
- Environmental Education
- Engineering Education
- Child Development and Education
- Educational Sociology
- Media Literacy
- Character, Values ​​and Love Education

We expect your paticipation in and contributions to the Congress